Our Mission

Chobani is a good maker with a mission of making high-quality and nutritious food acessible to more people, while elevating our communities and making the world a healther place.

Making Good Food for All
In support of this mission, we are a values-driven, people-first, food-and-wellness-focused company, and have been since Hamdi Ulukaya, an immigrant to the U.S., founded the company in 2005. We produce yogurt, oatmilk, dairy and plant-based creamers, ready-to-drink coffee and plant-based probiotic drinks. Chobani yogurt is America's No.1 yogurt brand, and it's made with only natural ingredients without artificial preservatives.

Chobani uses food as a force for good in the world – putting humanity first in everything we do. Our philanthropic efforts prioritize giving back to our communities and beyond: working to eradicate child hunger, supporting immigrants and refugees and underrepresented people, honoring veterans, and protecting the planet. We manufacture our products in New York, Idaho, and Australia. Chobani products are available throughout North America and distributed in Australia and other select markets.

Once upon a time there was a shepherd

In 2005, Hamdi took a loan from the Small Business Administration, bought an old yogurt plant, and brought a small group of passionate individuals together to make the real, wholesome yogurt that he remembered from his childhood.

He called the company Chobani, “shepherd” in Turkish, to endow it with the hard-working and compassionate spirit of the mountain farmer.

Perfecting our craft

For the next two years, Hamdi devoted himself to the craft, carefully building his team to ensure quality from the ground up. In 2007, his dream to make delicious, nutritious, natural, and accessible yogurt finally came to fruition, when the very first cup of Chobani® Greek Yogurt hit the shelf.

A series of milestones

By 2010, Chobani had grown from one man’s dream into America’s favorite Greek Yogurt.

In 2011, we broke ground on a new, state-of-the-art yogurt factory in Twin Falls, Idaho.

In 2016, Chobani® Flip® was recognized as a Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Award winner.

Beyond yogurt

In 2019, Chobani started unveiling a series of innovations in four new categories beyond yogurt: oatmilk, dairy and plant-based coffee creamers, ready-to-drink cold brew coffee and plant-based probiotic drinks.

In 2021, Fast Company named Chobani the most innovative company in North America.

Setting an example for the kind of company we want to see in the world
We stand up for what’s right: providing paid parental leave, supporting the Equality Act, speaking out against family separations at the border, committing to living wages and great benefits, hiring immigrants and refugees, fighting child hunger, and supporting farmers and military vets.

In the years between our founding and now, we’ve been recognized numerous times for being a great place to work. In 2020, we proudly increased our minimum hourly wage to at least $15 an hour, with?an average hourly wage of $19 an hour. We also offer 100% paid parental leave for six weeks for all full-time hourly and salaried employees.

Hamdi Ulukaya

After moving to New York from his native Turkey, Hamdi found that in America, yogurt just wasn’t as delicious or widely available as it was back home. He believed everyone deserved better options, so he set about making delicious, nutritious, natural, and accessible Greek Yogurt right here in the U.S. Since he sold his first cup of yogurt, Chobani’s product portfolio, its mission, and its workforce has grown and evolved into the powerful force for good that he always hoped it would be.

Giving back

In 2020 and 2021, Chobani took its advocacy fight against hunger to the next level. We convened our first-ever national Child Hunger Summit, calling for public-private partnerships to end child hunger while donating and delivering millions of products to food banks and anti-hunger organizations coast-to-coast.

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Chobani believes in innovation that results in nutritious food, accessible to everyone, while supporting and caring for our people and communities near and far. We've now grown beyond yogurt, evolving with the changing behaviors of consumers to expand in dairy and plant-based foods, always delicious, always nutritious and always accessible.

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Our employees represent the communities where we live. They champion our culture of respect, diversity, equity, and inclusion. From industry- leading parental leave to a minimum hourly wage of at least $15 an hour (with an average hourly wage of $19 an hour), caring for our people remains our most important priority, and together, we stand up for humanity, every day.

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Access for all

At Chobani, we champion diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging in every part of the company. Since day one, diversity and inclusion have been a foundational part of our ethos, our policies, and our guiding voice. And will continue to be as we move on the path forward.

Black Lives Matter

To the Black community: Your lives matter. Your voices matter. Your futures matter.

We built this company with an understanding that it’s our differences that make us stronger. We’ve been actively listening to our Black colleagues to see how Chobani can best live out our commitment to fighting for social justice.

Action over words has always been the Chobani way. Real change. Not just “checking the box.” We must stand up against human rights violations, anti-Black racism and racism in all its forms, while advancing policies, partnerships, and programs that embrace equality and justice—and promote opportunity.

"We’re passionately committed to celebrating the people of Chobani and not just their contributions to the business. Fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace ensures that each person feels empowered to bring their whole self to work. It’s simple—people come first! Thanks to D&I, Chobani employees experience a variety of cultures through film, music, dance, art, activism and, of course, food. But we know there's always more we can do to give more people opportunities and access, which is why we’re doubling down on our goals and growing this program."

- Mike Avery, Director of Diversity & Inclusion


Transforming D&I Councils into Task Forces

Our existing D&I Councils will become a Task Force at every Chobani location. They will lead internal engagement, education, and awareness around diversity and inclusion, informing tangible actions we are taking as a company to further equity through hiring, business operations, and advocacy.


We are holding not only our executive leadership team accountable, but also their direct reports, and their direct reports. D&I goals and objectives will be tied to the annual performance evaluations of all managers so that the spirit of D&I at Chobani permeates our entire company.


We are making meaningful monetary investments in our D&I Recruiting Committee and expanding our diversity in hiring practices to bring more minority and female candidates to managerial roles at the company.

Disseminating Demographic Data

Leadership will receive demographic data of their departments in an effort to set goals and move toward creating a workforce that reflects our core values and the communities we call home. This will, in turn, give leadership a better grasp of the demographic composition of their teams and show us where greater representation is possible.

Inaugural Internship

We are establishing our first-ever, fully paid, company-wide internship program, dedicated to underrepresented groups, specifically young adults of color with a focus on Black youth.

Career Development

As part of our ongoing work to help our employees grow in their careers, we're creating career development programs that help more underrepresented employees from our plants grow into managerial and leadership roles.

Awareness and Education

We are expanding our company-wide Respect in the Workplace training to include awareness and education on anti-racism and unconscious bias, with the help of external experts.

Supply Chain for Change

We’re expanding our Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure our suppliers, advisors, and other outside partners prioritize diversity as we do and are representative of the communities we serve and employ.

Employee Donation Match Program

From May 25, 2020, through the end of June, our employee match program doubles monetary donations from our Chobani Family. To date, together, we have made donations to the Equal Justice Initiative, the King Center, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. We’ve also separately donated to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute and Building Beats.

Building on a Foundation of Diversity and Inclusion

Since day one, we’ve promoted diversity and inclusivity within our workforce because we know that our communities are stronger when people are given opportunities and access. Our vision is to have an employee base representative of the communities we live in and a culture of respect and recognition for our diverse employees at Chobani—fostering a spirit of inclusivity for all.

Our Work Continues

While the path to a fairer, more just world is long and winding, we are committed to it. The journey is ours; step by step. Standing with one another to help carry the burdens, past and present. We are widening the path to doing what is right, always with humanity at the center.


Building on a Foundation of Diversity and Inclusion

Since day one, we’ve promoted diversity and inclusivity within our workforce because we know that our communities are stronger when people are given opportunities and access. Our vision is to have an employee base representative of the communities we live in and a culture of respect and recognition for our diverse employees at Chobani—fostering a spirit of inclusivity for all.

Equitable Pay

At the end of 2019, we conducted a pay equity analysis to ensure that our employees in similar job levels are being paid fairly based on justifiable compensation factors—such as tenure and performance—and not on discriminatory factors, like gender and race. Across all levels, we have concluded employee gender and race do not affect pay. And we’re continuing to conduct pay equity analyses annually and commit to protecting this moving forward.

Hiring Refugees and Immigrants

We welcome people from around the world, working with local refugee centers to support those who have come to the U.S. in search of safety and the opportunity of a better life. Chobani employees come from every conceivable background—at our plant in Upstate, New York, for instance, our employees include people from Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and Nepal, resettled as refugees following often violent and difficult experiences in their home countries.

Chobani Gives

Giving back to communities and people in need is one of our founding values. Through Chobani Gives, all Chobani employees are able to spend a full day of paid volunteer time with an organization of their choice every year, and we encourage them to support Black and minority advancement organizations with their time.

Chobani Incubator

As a food company, we believe in doing our part to move the needle towards equity in the food and beverage industry. We’ve actively broadened our Incubator recruitment strategy to reach more female and minority business owners. What resulted was our most unique and dynamic cohort yet—75% of the Spring 2019 cohort were underrepresented minority founders and 63% were female founders or co-founders, representing a vast array of countries-of-origin, self-identified LGBTQ status, levels of education, and geographies. In Fall 2019, we also launched a dedicated incubator “boot camp” program for early-stage veteran-founded start-ups in partnership with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families.

Best Workplaces for LGBTQ Equality

For two years in a row, Chobani has received a perfect 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) Corporate Equality Index, and joined the list of companies being recognized for providing top-tier inclusive policies and benefits for LGBTQ employees, designating us as “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality.”

Paid Parental Leave

Since the very beginning, family has been integral to Chobani. We want our employees to be able to bond with the newest additions to their families and return to their jobs feeling confident and ready. Our paid parental leave policy provides our full-time employees with six weeks of 100% paid leave to bond with a new child following a birth, adoption, or foster care placement. We also offer an In Vitro Fertilization benefit covering up to three rounds per lifetime, in addition to coverage for fertility preservation.

Transparency in Medical Plan Coverages

As a wellness company, we prioritize the health of our people. We are more than comfortable to comply with the Transparency in Coverage Rule that requires health insurers and group health plans to post publicly available machine-readable files that include in-network negotiated payment rates and historical out-of-network charges for covered items and services. Our health plan administrator, Collective Health, creates and publishes these files on behalf of RCG Global Services. These are available for you to read here.

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Doing well by doing good

We know that when business is done right, it has the power to change lives and strengthen communities. And where better to start than one’s own backyard—or yards, in our case. By volunteering our time, donating our products, and supporting impactful charitable projects and programs, there’s so much good we can do together.


More than 24,000 hours volunteered

The most important thing we can give is our time.

More than 55,000,000 products donated

Chobani is committed to feeding the families and communities who need it most.

More than 175 grants given

Providing financial support to the causes we care about is integral to our culture.

Strengthening our communities

Whether it’s building a state-of-the-art baseball field for little leaguers in the Unadilla Valley, serving a wholesome meal at New York City’s Bowery Mission, or providing scholarships for students from farming families across Idaho and Central New York, Chobani is proud to give back to the communities we call home—as we’ve done from our earliest days.

We’ve recently doubled our commitment to our Community Impact Funds, a collaboration with the Idaho Community Foundation and the Community Foundation for South Central New York. Together, we’re investing in big ideas that expand economic opportunity and promote entrepreneurship within these communities.

Using food as a force for good

Everyone deserves access to naturally nutritious and delicious food. That's why we work throughout the year to make healthy food more accessible, especially to youth and underserved communities. Through monetary and product donations to partners like Wholesome Wave and Save the Children, we’re committed to doing just that in our own backyard and across the country.

We’ve also created #FillUpTheirPlate, a partnership with our friends at Feeding America and the Food Resource & Action Center (FRAC) with the goal of passing strong child nutrition legislation that bans lunch shaming and feeds millions more hungry kids.

Helping those in need

At Chobani, we make wholesome, delicious food—but what we really want to make is a difference. When COVID-19 struck, we mobilized nearly 40 nationwide yogurt deliveries over 12 weeks, donating 6.5 million cups of yogurt to Feeding America food banks across the country. Additionally, we turned our Chobani Café® in New York City into a temporary food pantry, helping bring nutritious, accessible food to one of the hardest-hit communities in the country.

We also have an existing partnership with the American Red Cross’s Disaster Operations Coordination Center to provide products to the hardworking staff and volunteers responding to major disasters across the U.S.

For communities facing unique challenges, we’ve created special charitable yogurt batches that help benefit those who need it most. To date, our Hero Batch has helped raise more than $1M for our friends at Operation Homefront, an organization providing critical assistance to military families. And our Farmer Batch, made in partnership with American Farmland Trust, has helped support America’s dairy farmers.

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Come as you are, and become the best you

Our energetic work environment is a culmination of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Since the beginning, we’ve focused on fostering tight-knit teams that feed off innovation and creativity. We believe that when you’re comfortable being yourself and truly love what you do, amazing things can happen.


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