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  • Marketing Trends to Use in 2015
    with Peter Roesler and Tim Muma - January 15, 2015
    The speed with which technology changes and impacts businesses cannot be overstated, and many companies need to catch up with their marketing efforts in 2015. Peter Roesler, president of Web Marketing Pros, brings his extensive experience in online marketing to give the listeners some inside information on the trends to utilize this year. He explains to Tim Muma the various avenues companies can use to reach people more eff...
  • Is the Hiring Process Too Difficult?
    with Ingrid Moore and Jenna Connour - January 8, 2015
    From phone screenings to testing to in-person interviews, the hiring process for many companies has become a very detailed process. But has the complexity of the hiring process hindered the positive results a company can expect from their recruiting efforts? To discuss this topic, Jenna Connour speaks with Ingrid Moore, founder of Corporate Resources of Illinois, Ltd. – a permanent/direct hire staffing firm.
  • Employer Branding Vision
    with Betsy Rowbottom and Tim Muma - January 5, 2015
    In looking to help out those in charge of their company's branding efforts, Tim Muma talks with Betsy Rowbottom about the key elements to implement when creating and developing a branding vision. Betsy is the co-founder and chief culture officer of The Good Jobs where their mission is to show businesses how culture should be utilized as a strategic advantage. Betsy brings that perspective and experience to this episode in d...
  • Charles Schwab Recruiting and Hiring Initiatives
    with Frank Hynes and Tim Muma - December 9, 2014
    We're giving you an inside look at Charles Schwab and how this highly-successful company handles their recruiting and hiring initiatives. Frank Hynes, vice president for talent management for Charles Schwab, talks to Tim Muma about the organization's focus when it comes to hiring talented individuals. Frank breaks down the process they use, what stands out among the candidates, and even offers up some practical advice for t...
  • Leadership in a Creative Team
    with Amy Climer and Tim Muma - December 9, 2014
    In looking to lead a creative team, there may be some particular strategies that are more effective than others when it comes to production. Amy Climer, owner of Climer Consulting and an individual with tons of experience in this area, fills Tim Muma in on the key components to guiding a team of creative individuals. Amy also breaks down the specific tasks and goals that work the best.
  • Management Decisions – Building a World Class Team
    with Eric Persha and Tim Muma - December 1, 2014
    Finding the best talent - and individuals who fit well together - is vital to sustained success in any industry. Targeting and hiring the best people for each position and the company as a whole requires a focused strategy. Eric Persha is the co-founder of Mosey, and he's had tremendous success nabbing top talent from other recognizable organizations. Eric brings his insight and expertise on building a team to LJNRadio, tel...
  • How to Identify Culture Fit
    with Rachelle Falls and Cady Chesney - November 11, 2014
    Hiring for culture fit can be hard, as every company has its own unique culture. Knowing how to identify if a candidate will be a good culture fit can be tricky, in its own right. Rachelle Falls, CEO and Chief Strategist at Sun Strategies, and the blogger behind The Corporate HR Girl, joins the show today to dive into how to identify culture fit during an interview.
  • Managing Millennials
    with Jenna Atkinson and Jenna Connour - November 11, 2014
    When they began flooding into the workforce about a decade ago, millennials took their places in a Baby Boomer-dominated world. Yet, as the Baby Boomers move into retirement, millennials are becoming key players in many companies and businesses. To learn more about how companies can help millennials thrive in the workplace, LJNRadio welcomes Jenna Atkinson, professional speaker and president of Jenna Atkinson Consulting – a...
  • Southwest Airlines Unique Hiring Practices
    with Julie Weber and Tim Muma - October 31, 2014
    Southwest Airlines is recognized as having some unique hiring practices, and it certainly seems to be working. Southwest, the largest carrier in the US in terms of originating domestic passengers boarded, brings in around $17 billion annually. They say the success starts with the people they hire and how they find the talent. Julie Weber, vice president in the people department, joins Tim Muma to give him a look at Southwes...
  • How to Frustrate Frontline Employees
    with Errol Allen and Cady Chesney - October 13, 2014
    Frontline personnel have a multitude of responsibilities, including providing a great customer experience, whether that be face to face, via phone, or web chat. Frustrating these employees by setting unrealistic expectations, dictating from on high, and sub-par supervision can have a negative impact on your overall business as a whole. Errol Allen, a customer service expert and consultant, joins the show to dive into these...